Silverstone Grand Prix – Post-race

Yay, I’m on time for once. As we continue to find out week-in-week-out, this season in chalk full of surprises and it just goes to show that the teams are as close as they have ever been. The British Grand Prix showcased that the slightest of miscalculations can not only change the tide of the race, but also put a huge dent into the season’s leaderboards.

Overall points leader, Redbull’s Max Verstappen started at P1 this afternoon but it wasn’t meant to be for the Dutch wonderkid, after a first lap contact with main rivals’ Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton left Max spinning and colliding into the barriers at 52Gs. Thankfully Verstappen walked out of the accident without being harmed and was taken to hospital for a few further checks.

In classic Hamilton fashion, no harm was done to the Brit’s car. Not even a 10 second penalty could stop Sir Lewis from winning the race. Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc managed to hold off Hamilton for 49 laps, but failed to stop the onslaught from Mercedes in the final 2 laps of the race. Watching Hamilton pass by Leclerc literally made my blood boil, but I guess the feeling is mutual unless you’re either someone who jumped on the Mercedes band-wagon when you found out they’ve been winning for the past 8 years, OR you jumped on the Hamilton band-wagon after finding out he won 7 of those 8. Either way, I don’t like you.

At least the second Mercedes car wasn’t able to get past Leclerc, who finished at P2 this afternoon. Valtteri Bottas came in at third ahead of McLaren power-duo (off the track) Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, both doing an amazing job at holding off the rest of the midfield, including Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz who finished at P6.

Following his cracked performance during yesterday’s Sprint Qualy, Alpine’s Fernando Alonso finished seventh, the position he started in ahead of Lance Stroll from Aston Martin. Alpine’s second driver Estaban Ocon finished in the points for the first time since Monaco, coming in at P9 ahead of AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda at 10th.

To rub more salt into my metaphoric wound, Redbull’s other driver Sergio Perez could only manage a P16 finish. Like… why do I even watch this sport again? These are the full results:

So, Verstappen’s lead is cut down to a mere 7 points, Lewis Hamilton takes his eight British Grand Prix and his 99th win, and I just wanna die. Till next time !