One final push

As we approach the premiere of our show on local TV and Youtube we find ourselves neck deep in an editing nightmare… But hey it’s an integral part of the show.

We celebrated too early last time when we announced wrapping filming, cause inevitably we did have to re-shoot some scenes… Typical Matthewesque luck.

Any-who we did manage to wrap eventually and the features are, for the most part, edited. We just need to get all that jumbled up mess and structure it into a proper series. From the early reactions of a select number of people who got to see whats already finalised, we can safely say that this show will be enjoyed. It is something new and funny which blends our chemistry together with the motoring scene. Our historical features are also unique in every single way and will be enjoyed by car lovers and non car lovers too.

We hope you liked the trailer which was launched last week and was released to give you a glimpse of what to expect… Did you miss it… Worry not it’s here below.

I will be taking a break from posting of the blog for a while until I can finalise all the trailers and all the episodes for the series. Hopefully I will post soon enough once everything is ready.