A message from one of the creators

As some of you might have noticed yesterday our episode featured a new warning that spells ‘Messaġġ promozjonali’, which basically means that you are watching an advert like those teleshopping things. It’s not the case obviously but hey it’s Malta.

Let me tell you why this happened. The broadcasting authority felt that our show is very sponsor oriented, even though we do not have sponsors really but more like partners. Revved is being considered as a platform that advertises a lot of stuff that is current and can be purchased. The broadcaster, One, obviously doesn’t feel the same way but they do have their hands tied on the matter, and so do we, and we thank their support throughout the production and delivery of Revved.

The thing that pisses me off really is that this treatment is not given to shows on local TV that really are a sponsor-fest, that review and feature current and local businesses or products, but our show was targeted regardlessly. I do feel confused at how other programmes who feature current products and do reviews do not have to show such a warning and our series, which is really unbiased, different and takes reviews as a historical journey more than anything, does.

Its very hypocritical seeing other shows “reviewing”, or more like advertising a car, mobile, pc or whatever with the sponsors branding thrown in every inch of the screen, when we get shit for driving a current car in a historical overview looking at the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and today.

Why am I writing this? First of all to shine a light on the reason why indie filmmakers tend to stray away from local TV and how idiotic claims and disputes such as this end up stifling the creative direction of a show and demoralise the fuck out of them. We were trying to convey a very different message with Revved; entertainment and education without sponsor bias, however someone must have felt otherwise. Let me reassure you that there is no hidden agenda, there is no thousand-euro an episode sponsors, and our show is purely entertainment by a team of very non professionals. Our show did not report a profit at all but we didn’t care and 80% of the sponsors we mention lend us cars, props, or locations is exchange for the mention.

I hope you can understand us and we hope this bullshit modus operandi someday ends. We will be taking this into consideration when discussion the future of the show.

Thank you for your continued support.