Mexico GP: Pre-race

Mexico is a tough GP with a circuit not really short on corners. Mercedes have proclaimed that this is Redbull territory, which was evident throughout these past two days, with both Redbulls and Alphatauries dominating the practice and early qualy sessions. However in a surprising turn of events, Mercedes bit back really hard and locked-in a 1-2 finish with Bottas on Pole.

Q1 started and stopped after Lance Stroll lost control in turn 15 and ended up in the barrier in a pretty nasty crash. The debris on track resulted in a red flag.

Mclaren took the decision to replace Lando Norris’ power unit landing at the bottom of the grid alongside Ocon, Tsunoda and Stroll who will be also swapping PU.

DR steadily improved his pace throughout the sessions landing in P7 following a friendly tow by his team mate. He will be starting sandwiched between both Ferraris who are set to capitalize on their recent success over the weekend and take the p3 from Mclaren.

Alonso underwhelmingly performed during this weekend and ended up eliminated in Q1. The Redbulls were dominating the tracks over the weekend, however the Mercedes performed amazingly well during the qualy sessions securing the highest positions.

This will be a fierce race today which will either lay the carpet for Verstappen to increase the gap with Hamilton or make the final rounds of this season even more aggressive if Hamilton manages to get the win and close the gap.