Brazilian GP: Pre-race

Update 2 – Post sprint

What an amazing sprint today in Brazil with Hamilton climbing a whopping 15 places in 20 laps. What a class drive by the king himself.

Verstappen finished second after Bottas stole the pole with an amazing launch from the start and an equally amazing drive till the finish.

Sainz did manage to steal P2 pushing Verstappen early on in an aggressive race in the top half but eventually lost pace to the stronger Honda. Norris managed to climb two places and was only overtaken by Sir Hamilton.

DR had a horrible launch losing two places to Ocon and Vettel and didn’t even manage to challenge for an overtake. A very depressing drive indeed landing in 11th. What a horrid sprint which will definitely make the fight for P3 even harder for the papaya team.

Tomorrow will be an energetic and fierce race in both the top and mid section of the grid. Hamilton still has a fighting chance to end on the podium and win valuable points. Hopefully we won’t see another collision like we saw in both other sprints.

Update 1 – Pre sprint

Sir Lewis Hamilton has been officially disqualified from the Brazilian qualifier following the investigation held by the stewards in relation the the DRS infringement. He will be starting at the back of the grid.

What a qualifier we had yesterday in São Paolo’s Interlagos circuit. This circuit is nearly identical to the Mexican GP from last week in terms of laps and track length. This means that the shorter circuit will result in a lot of blueflags and multiple lapping of the bottom part of the grid… *cough cough Haas.

I originally anticipated this weekend to be dominated by the Redbulls but Lewis came out with fierce form and shattered my expectations.

Hamilton took the pole for tonight’s sprint in what can only be described as a formidable performance. Max Verstappen and Bottas followed behind. Max did have great pace, however he was no match for Hamilton.

Lewis will be swapping PU today earning a 5 place grid penalty in a very conspicuous stage of the season. The engine did have some cooling issues earlier this week so the decision was forced on the team. The stewards also called in Lewis to their office to discuss a potential infringement of the rules in terms of the DRS system. We are still awaiting to see if this will result in a further penalty.

Gasly had a fantastic weekend with a great pace. This driver really is proving himself lately and I believe he is in the right team to show off his skills.

Mclaren had a horrible weekend. I mean their pace was simply off and they only just managed to squeeze to Q3. Ferrari have been progressing a lot these past few months, and their technical development was surely a key factor for them to leave the papayas behind. I don’t know if they moved development and research to the next gen car or if their technical advancements were simply off. Whatever it is, it will cost them P3 just as DR and Norris found their pace.

Aston Martin failed to amaze this weekend, once again ending in the bottom half of the lot. It’s no secret that their management is in current turmoil with their boss Otmar Szafnauer rumored to have penned a contract with Alpine.

Below is the starting grid of the sprint race will will be held tonight at 20:30 local time. This will be the third and final sprint race as discussions, about whether or not to keep this next season, ensue at FIA.