Qatar GP: Pre-Race

We are here in Qatar’s Losail International Circuit, which is hosting a formula GP for the very first time. Originally built for the Moto GP, this track is a tricky one. It is indeed a long and quick track, but doesn’t really offer as much overtaking opportunities as one might expect. Mclaren will be celebrating their 900th GP entry, perhaps their performance as of late is not worthy of any celebration…

This qualifier was a shocker with Ferrari, Mclaren and Redbull not exactly performing as expected. Checo Perez, LeClerc and Ricciardo were all eliminated in Q2 as they struggled to find decent pace in this circuit. It is not exactly ideal at this time for Redbull to have one of their cars eliminated in Q2, but I am positive Checo will be giving it his all tomorrow.

Both Mercedes and Verstappen didn’t have any issue in this track with Hamilton taking the first pole position here followed by Verstappen and Bottas.

Norris and Sainz both had better pace compared to their teammates but were still outperformed by both Alpines, both Alphatauries and one of the Aston Martins in Q2. They landed behind Alonso and Gasly in Q3. The Alpines and Alphatauries stunned spectators with their remarkable pace today.

The fight for the title has once again become closer and we are in for a show tomorrow that will shape up the final GPs and their outcome vis-a-vis the championship.