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Abu Dhabi: Pre-race

History awaits this weekend regardless the outcome of tomorrows race. On one side we might see Sir Lewis Hamilton snatch the 8th world title breaking Schumacher’s record and on the other side we might see the first dutch man winning a world title.

Over the weekend we saw a steady pace by both Max and Lewis, but it was clear that the Hondas had a slightly better pace on this track.

Tension was running high on Saturday and the qualy resulted in Max stealing the pole and Hamilton chasing behind. Lando Norris put on an astounding lap finishing in third whilst his team mate DR landed in 10th.

Perez landed in p4 giving a steady and consistent performance and Bottas only managed to land a P6 in his last qualy with Mercedes. Sainz out-shone his team mate landing in P5.

Todays race brings memories of the Prost v Senna title battle, and we all no how that all ended in Japan :/ It is perhaps not the best memory I have of the greatest F1 driver of all time.

For those who do not know, Hamilton and Max are tied… BUT if they both don’t land points today Max will be crowned the world champion as he banked more GP wins this season.

Today at 14:00 we will be seeing history before our eyes. It’s the last time we see this generation of cars, the last time we see Kimi behind the wheel, Bottas at Mercedes and Russel at Williams. Today’s race will be a memorable one and I hope it will not be a shit-fest like the last one.