A much deserved update

It been a long time since I wrote a blog post here, but truth be told, I haven’t had a proper fucking break since Christmas.

That being said, I have recently seen some activity on the site and channel so I said to myself, why not give people an update on Revved.

Well like I said last year, when the curtain on our first season fell, we are still not sure about the future of Revved. We are now open to the idea of joining another production house to get things going since it’s clear that our ambition does not allow us to keep our operations small without hampering the quality of the show we give. I don’t want to be the show-runner that jeopardizes the quality and credibility of his show by carpet bombing it with overzealous sponsorships or with cost cutting measures.

As such to keep the show going in the creative direction we want for it, we need to partner up with a production house or distributor which can handle the sponsorship and distribution side of the project whilst we take care of the entertainment side.

Revved is not the only show we have on the backbench. We have recently conceptualized another show featuring myself and Fabian as the hosts. We cannot discuss this in detail but hopefully we can get both projects off the launch pad.

In the meantime though, we have been toying with the idea of creating a podcast which centers around our shenanigans and lives. We’ll be able to divulge more information on this soon enough. This project would be an amazing thing to actually make, I actually was the first Maltese podcaster, launching the Some Guys One Mic show back in 2009 which ran up to 2019, so I would love it if i can actually jump back into that world.

From my end that is all for now, lets look forward for an amazing F1 season, and lets hope Revved Season 2 will get picked up. Who knows.