Bahrain GP: Pre-race

I’m back bitches!! It’s the first official race weekend in the sandy and bumpy Bahrain circuit. It has been an utterly shocking Practice session which gave us a glimpse at how the teams will perform in the Qualy and Race stages of the weekend. I must say that I have been utterly shocked by the outcome of the qualy, which I watched with my mouth wide open in pure shock and awe.

Ferrari have capitalized on last year’s success and have climbed to the very top of the grid. Both Sainz and Leclerc gave a phenomenal show, providing a very consistent and strategically impressive performance. Leclerc took the pole with Verstappen behind him and Sainz landing in P3. Perez landed in P4 not being able to match Sainz’ pace.

But where are the Mercedes? One might ask… Well all cars sporting Mercedes power units performed like utter shit. Both Hamilton and Russel landed in 5th and 9th respectively. The Williams and McLarens never made it to Q3 in a shocking turn of events. McLaren suffered from over-steering and porpoising. Ricciardo and Norris landed a P18 and P13 respectively! WTF happened? It’s shocking to see that McLaren is now at the bottom of the grid alongside Aston Martin. Wait why didn’t I mention Haas when mentioning the bottom feeders?. Funnily enough Haas actually performed magnificently well, with K Mag landing a P7 and Mick landing a P12 (both ahead of McLaren with no sponsors). Bottas in an Alfa landed a P6 finishing ahead of Russel in a Mercedes and his team mate landed in P15 in his debut.

Matching expectations

I can’t really explain what the hell went on today, but the grid expectations have changed drastically. Williams, Mclaren and Aston seem to be the teams with the worse pace, whilst the Redbulls and the Ferraris seem to be the best teams out there. Shockingly Alfa Romeo and Haas seem to be in the high midfield fight alongside the Alpines. I am unsure of how the Alpha Tauries are performing as the car seems to be all over the place at times, but I am thinking they will be fighting in the midfield again this year.

My predictions for tomorrow: The Ferraris will be fighting for P1 and P2 with the Redbulls and although a tough contender, I still believe the Redbulls will have the upper-hand thanks to their superior strategy. The Mclarens might be able to make some changes to the car overnight in preparation for tomorrow, but I do not expect them to perform well enough to be taken seriously. K Mag and Bottas will be giving it their all this weekend and score decent points in a shocking turn of events.