Bahrain Grand Prix – Post-race

What started out as a weird, finished even weirder. After the crazy turn of events we’ve witnessed in the qualifying, the race did not disappoint. When I say ‘did not disappoint’ I don’t mean for us here at Revved, since I’m a Redbull fan and Matt’s a McLaren diehard. But if I’m not speaking from a personal POV, the Bahrain GP was an eye-opener for all us fans and the F1 world in general. What a race!

The new car regulations have literally fucked the usual metaphorical food-chain of Formula 1. While these new regulations have been a sparkle of light at the end of the tunnel for some teams, it has hit some other teams like a fucking brick. Excuse my French…

If you don’t know what went on during the qualys I suggest you read our pre-race here!

The Prancing Pony. Ferrari are back where most people know them to have been for most of their lives. AT. THE. TOP. Charles Leclerc bagged his first GP win of the season while his teammate came it at a close second. Yep a 1-2 in the first race.

The reigning champ, Redbull’s Verstappen, starting at P2 attempted to under cut Leclerc, who sat on pole after a blazing qualifying performance, on laps 15 and 44 but did not manage to make up the time and Leclerc still emerged out of his pit-stops before the Dutchman. Verstappen was left fuming at his team’s orders of ‘not overdoing it’ on the first lap out on the fresh tyres after the latter.

Two laps later, AlphaTauri’s PIEE…Pierre Gasly’s car literally burst into flames spontaneously immediately after losing all power completely. The safety car was brought out and it seemed that Verstappen was once again in contention to catching up with Leclerc. But it wasn’t meant to be for the current champion as he had to retire the car due to a suspected power unit glitch on lap 54. Not a good day for Max.

Sainz had taken up P2 while Max was struggling with the car before retiring and all of Redbull’s hopes for points now lay solely on Sergio Perez. Perez was sitting at P3 when the Mexican began to complain with the same issue as his teammate Max. It went from bad to worse when Perez spun at turn 1 when his engine gave way during the dying embers of the race, gifting Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes a podium place.

Mercedes’ George Russell, who started at P9 battled it out in the midfield and landed at P4 after the Redbulls retired, ahead of Kevin Magnussen – P5 for HAAS. Valtteri Bottas had a nice comeback after falling 8 places in Lap 1 due to a poor start and fought his way up to finish at P6, followed by Alpine’s Estaban Ocon and AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda respectively.

Formula 1 new comer Zhou Guanyu bagged his first point for Alpha Romeo in his debut, while Mick Schumacher just missed out on the points finishing at P11. For the full results and highlights press THIS.

Tune in next week for the 27th of March for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix ! We can’t wait !!