STC Saudi Arabian GP – Post Race

An epic and confusing race which was a roller coaster of emotion! 6 cars out of 18 retired, Verstappen snatching the win with Leclerc and Sainz behind, and a Mclaren in the top half. What a drama filled GP.

The cars clearly delivered on the FIA’s promise for closer and faster racing because this was an amazing GP. Ocon stirred up some commotion with his team mate after closing a gap Alonso was using to overtake him very cheekily. They kept fighting between each other for over 14 laps giving us a rather breath taking battle. I have no clue why the team did not intervene earlier as they were very close to contact. However Alonso’s night ended in heart brake after suffering a gearbox issue after stealing p7 from k mag.

We had a yellow flag in the first half of the race thanks to Latifi. This accident screwed Perez who was going for the undercut but ended up losing the advantage giving P1 to Leclerc. He finished in P4.

Danny Ric reeled in the positions lost after the penalty literally off the start and managed to get some good pace compared to Bahrain. The honey badger was leading his team mate in P11 for some time even though his undercut strategy was ruined by the yellow flag. Unfortunately not long after landing in p9 Danny Ric’s Mclaren died alongside Bottas’ Alfa. It was a very tough thing to watch seeing three amazing drivers having an amazing run cut short due to car issues. Seriously WTF is going on?

The VSC caused by Bottas, Alonso and Danny Ric ended up closing the gap between Leclerc and Verstappen who spent the final 9 laps battling each other in a nail biting show of force by both drivers ending with Verstappen taking the upper hand in the very last stage.