Australian GP: Post-Race Highlights

Well I can’t say I’m a morning person and having to wake up early the only day I can sleep in doesn’t really help. Three DNFs, a daddy’s boy being a menace on track and the Mclaren come-back we all hoped for.

Lets start with the podium. Leclerc took P1 in a very consistent and beautiful performance. Perez landed a P2 and Russel took P3.

Off the start, the top part of the grid had an amazing start with Hamilton flying off the line and braking late to snatch P3, a position he managed to hold till lap 10 when Perez stole it back. Danny Ric held his position for the most part of the race whilst Norris dropped behind. Sainz on the other hand had a horrible start dropping behind the grid quickly and actually ending up beached in the second lap after pushing the car too much early on. This is his first DNF at Ferrari.

Another remarkable and unexpected DNF came at lap 39 from Max Verstappen. The flying dutchman’s car was on a roll with one fastest lap after another but the engine had other plans. The car caught fire and Max had to retire.

Vettel did not have a the greatest of weekends, he crashed in the practice, he couldn’t get a proper time in qualy because of Stroll and he did not finish his first GP this season following a lap 24 crash.

It was great to see Hamilton battling for position with Perez in more than one occasion. George Russell also had a battle for P3 with Perez which gave us an amazing show for a couple of laps. The Mercedes have had significant improvements in their pace however it still isn’t enough to outpace the Redbulls and Ferraris. With the improvements made by Mercedes and Mclaren, I do predict better positioning and more competitive behavior in the next three GPs.

Following Max’s retirement, Mercedes landed in a favorable position to snach a podium position which they did with George Russel taking home a much deserved P3 finish and Hamilton behind.

Alex fricken Albon managed to run the entirety of the GP on the same set of tyres… gad damn. He did have great pace despite the age of the tyres by the end of the race, a pace which couldn’t be matched by the Alfa Romeos.

Stroll, the driver on the grid I hate most, continued his shite behavior by pushing Bottas off the track even if the latter allowed space for overtaking. He also weaved on the straight to impede Bottas to overtake. This landed Stroll a 5 second penalty.

It’s great to be back in Australia and this GP was full of trills. Very happy for Leclerc on the much deserved win. Now off to the Easter break before returning to the Emilia Romagna GP, and first sprint race if the season, in two weeks time.