The End of the Road

So guys I felt like I needed to give you a tiny update. Unfortunately we have failed to secure a producer and distributor for a follow-up to Revved, and as is we are way too late to even start production. We have tried, however the advert-centrist mentality here really doesn’t allow for proper delivery of content and entertainment in an unbiased manner.

Sad Cry GIF - Sad Cry Sob - Discover & Share GIFs

Unlike what we previously announced, the F1 updates will seize (technically they already stopped a month ago) as will the blog posts. The series will still be available to re-watch on Youtube and on our site, but that will basically be the content under the Revved brand. We tried our very best but we see no reason to keep going forward.

We do however have some good news, albeit irrelevant to Revved. Fabian and myself are currently working on a brand new project which will focus on our raw chemistry. It will be a non-scripted non-filtered project.

But why are we doing this when we can do Revved? <you ask >

Well Revved costs a lot of money to make and consumes a shit-tonne of time to produce. Post production alone takes months to get the feel we want. This new project will relatively require less pre and post production and can be done on a shoe-string budget.

We will be updating you pretty soon and in the near future we will be probably moving platforms around to provide you with a single portal/platform to stream our stuff.

We thank you for our continued support and hope you’ll stick around for whats to come.