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Revved was conceived by MF Studios; a new company made up of indie filmmakers with a passion for cinematography and an unparalleled love for cars.

All local channels boast a motoring show or two. Albeit still having entertainment value, still lack a definitive twist that characterizes themselves from one another. Unfortunately current motoring programmes stick to reviews and features that are at times biased by stake holders, an issue Revved tackles head-on.

Revved sets itself apart by not taking itself too seriously, and whilst offering down to earth reviews and giving viewers a glimpse into the history of a vehicle or company, it also provides great comedic value thanks to the unique chemistry between its hosts.

Each episode will feature challenges, that will put the hosts up against each other, features, reviews, interviews and mini-documentaries. The hosts will be totally unbiased in their reviews, to make the show feel less like an advert, and the unique character of each host will be sure to captivate his own audience that share the same tastes. This style of programming will give audiences a much deserved break from the ordinary series that they are used to and will delve into an untouched market that will guarantee a broader audience reach.

Revved will be one step above the rest, not only in content, but also in the artistry and dedication.

Who are we?

“Revved will finally give local enthusiasts the show they longed for…”


Matthew’s passion for cars and cinematography started at an early age, and through the years he has garnered a wide experience in the field of media and entertainment.

His charismatic persona and his ability to adapt to any situation gave him a fundamental attribute to succeed in the world of entertainment.

His on screen chemistry with Fabian and his charisma will ensure entertainment value for the masses.

“we will create a show which challenge the preconceptions of local productions…”


Fabian describes his love of TV and film as a life-long addiction, practically raised watching all sorts of genres of TV shows.
Throughout the years, this gave him an eye for what makes media entertaining, consumer-friendly and binge-worthy.

Pulling from all this, he brings an imaginative dynamic to the team, with a never-ending number of ideas and possible episode arcs. His unique comedic approach and keen eye for entertainment make up key ingredients for a wonderful addition to the presenting and script-writing duo.

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We have a proven track record, we pushed the boundaries and we are proud to have been providing the island with a new means of entertainment.

We aim to build on this success, but also provide our partners and potential clients a media company they can trust.

We set ourselves apart because we are passionate about film making, and this is why we are the best at what we do. Combine that with our love for cars and you get the leaders in motoring film making on the island.

If you want to represent your brand in the best possible way, get in touch.


Deeply Committed

With an Eye for Detail

Highly Skilled