Jeddah: Pre-race

So we are back in Jeddah in what can inly be described as a unique race weekend. Practice sessions started off with a missile attack on an Aramco compound… I shit you not. Following deliberations between teams, the fia, and the Saudi government, the decision… Read More »Jeddah: Pre-race

Post race Barcelona

Hamilton wins. Verstappen comes in second, and Bottos closes in third. What an amazing race filled with emotions!! Verstappen stole the lead from Hamilton early on following a much better start from the grid, but the two pit stop strategy for Hamilton worked out great… Read More »Post race Barcelona

Pre-race Catalunya

As the qualy closes, we have to congratulate Sir Lewis Hamilton who has finally achieved his 100 poles in his career after clocking a 1:16.741. He is the first driver to ever achieve this remarkable feat… and its well deserved. Max Verstappen has given it… Read More »Pre-race Catalunya