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The end of the line

Yesterday the last episode of Revved aired on National TV and Social media. This tiny big project started off as a ‘What if?’ discussion during Portal 2 binges and ended up becoming a somewhat of an amazing project that hopefully inspires others to follow suit.… Read More »The end of the line

Abu Dhabi: Pre-race

History awaits this weekend regardless the outcome of tomorrows race. On one side we might see Sir Lewis Hamilton snatch the 8th world title breaking Schumacher’s record and on the other side we might see the first dutch man winning a world title. Over the… Read More »Abu Dhabi: Pre-race

Williams Outside F1

This week we bid farewell to F1 legend Sir Frank Williams, a pivotal figure whose legacy spans generations and will probably outlive us all. Even though much of his legacy lays within the F1 sport, Williams actually branched out to other motorsport and also got… Read More »Williams Outside F1

Qatar GP: Pre-Race

We are here in Qatar’s Losail International Circuit, which is hosting a formula GP for the very first time. Originally built for the Moto GP, this track is a tricky one. It is indeed a long and quick track, but doesn’t really offer as much… Read More »Qatar GP: Pre-Race